They rob a truck full of PS5 and thousands will stay without console

Last week, the wait for many video game fans ended. The PlayStation 5 (PS5), which is considered one of the most innovative on the market, arrived in much of the world and, in theory, all those who would have pre-named this product (even, in some cases, without knowing its price) would have in your hands the long-awaited Sony console.

The truth is that since the Xbox Series competitor was presented, much has been said about Sony’s ability to meet the demand for the new device in a timely manner.

And is that because of the pandemic, the production and distribution chains were slowed down. During the last months, a questioning about Sony’s true ability to satisfy the demand for the PS5 has been on the table given the success it demonstrated after its presentation.

In mid-August, Bloomberg announced that, according to sources close to the Asian production chain, Sony would have ordered a doubling of the production of the console to go from 5 to 10 million.

This order was given after the expectations generated after the presentation of the console on June 13.

Although there is this order of an increase in production, this does not mean that the 10 million PlayStation 5 is available so there is a high possibility that a shortage of PS5 will be reported worldwide.

In Mexico, the matter began to materialize within social networks, spaces that became the epicenter of complaints from customers who complained to various retailers about the unavailability of the product.

Thus, from these spaces for social interaction, some users indicated that stores such as Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy have notified them that their orders would be processed late.

In many cases, the people affected have argued that their purchases were made since mid-September, which makes their annoyance seem understandable.

This scenario has been repeated around the world and now, Chilean players will have to wait a little longer than agreed to get their hands on the long-awaited PS5.

After a bumpy pre-sale season, with few units and failures in the online stores of different stores, it has now been reported that a truck carrying the PS5 consoles was robbed.

This will lead those users who would have made a reservation to have to wait until mid-December to enjoy the device.

As indicated by various media, a truck from the chain of stores Falabella was robbed earlier today, taking a long PS5 away from the criminals.

The company confirmed the facts through a notification that it sent to its buyers indicating that due to what happened, its console would be delivered until December 15.

It is important to mention that to compensate for what happened, the chain of stores assured that it will provide affected customers with a PlayStation Plus membership for one year as well as a gift card for 50 thousand Chilean pesos (about 1,325 Mexican pesos).

While this fact is unfortunate, the truth is that the shortage of consoles will continue for the next few months not only in regard to the PS5 and Sony. Xbox suffers from this problem too. A few days ago, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart revealed that the shortage in the supply of consoles will continue until April 2021.