They revive Cantinflas, in a commercial with Deep Fake technology

Cantinflas revived, in a commercial with Deep Fake technology | INSTAGRAM

Social networks were turned on when they found the new promotional video of Soriana, the Mexican supermarket chain, a company that on April 30, launched in social media and in TV his new campaign titled “Soriana, that of all Mexicans”, with Cantinflas as the protagonist.

That’s right, what surprised who was, as we said, the protagonist of said content, and that is that we cannot deny that said campaign has broken with all conventions, since they brought back one of the most important figures of the Golden Age of national cinema, that’s right, we are talking about the illustrious Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”.

Everything happened through a statement, the renowned company recognized this work as a feat in its business strategy because for the first time the famous technology has been used in our country “Deep fake” to resurrect such an important character in Mexican pop culture as the comedian.

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With this, the actor and comedian becomes the first Mexican in being recreated with this technique, and even more so when appearing in this way on social networks, there is no doubt that technology and human creativity will never cease to amaze us.

In this way the long-awaited return of Cantinflas to the screens took place, and what better way than with the collaboration of a company as large as Soriana, all this, thanks to the innovative technique, which apparently is the first time that it is used in Mexico To achieve this type of promotional content, we managed to revive one of the characters that marked the hearts of thousands of Mexican families.

“Being unique is very up to us. Proud to be Mexican like Soriana. ” It can be read in the description of the Tweet with which the ad was launched, which has been reproduced countless times, in addition to being widely replicated by Internet users.

“Quiubo flat? You know it always filled me with pride? Being Mexican ”, recites the comedian in front of the camera, accompanied by a reddish background, moving and speaking as if he still had life, and the years had not passed through him, all this has been moving for the general audience.

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The theme of the commercial is simple: “Cantinflas” appears to highlight several of the elements and cultural values ​​of Mexican families, which regardless of the trade, profession, gender or age enhance the meaning of being part of a great family.

Given the fact, the company has launched several communications, as it has received very good messages from the public on the internet, one of those messages was the following.

“Seeing the great ‘Cantinflas’ again on the screens takes us back as Mexicans to the dozens of characters that made Mario Moreno famous, where the pride of being Mexican was reflected in all his films, and today, thanks to technology, we can feel again that ‘Cantinflas’ and Soriana are authentically Mexican in all their expression.

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Furthermore, we are proud to be one of the first to use this technique in Mexico, since thanks to this type of technology we can feel Cantinflas enter our homes, making Mexican pride more present, ”the organization said in the statement.

Even the same official account that the comedian’s family has on Twitter, has replicated the store’s announcement, with this it was announced that the supermarket company had full permission to show this new technology with Moreno’s face.