They reveal why in Disney parks the bathrooms do not have mirrors

Surely one of the problems that we will always find in places that are very crowded is the great demand that public toilets can present.

There will be some experience in our memories of having wasted several minutes waiting to make use of this type of facilities and especially if we use them at times of high demand.

Disney knows about this type of situation because millions of people visit its amusement parks all the time, but it has applied a measure in this regard.

The thousands of visitors who pass through its famous tourist complexes noticed a detail that raised some doubts: the bathrooms do not have mirrors over the sinks.

A note published in Apartament Therapy, points out that it is a measure with which Disney World and Disneyland can keep the huge number of tourists circulating through the parks without delay.

“The Disney magic behind those fading bathroom tails is a simple detail: have made sink mirrors disappear in most of their theme park bathrooms”Explained Combiths de Shifrah, author of the note.

The measure is nothing more than a simple technique to prevent visitors from standing in long lines when they wait their turn to enter the bathroom.

As we all know when people enter a bathroom, they often use the mirror to adjust their clothes, comb their hair, put on makeup, or even take selfies. All those “extra” activities make people spend more time than necessary inside the bathrooms, causing long lines that delay entry.

With that simple action of pulling out the mirrors, Disney staff make sure bathroom entrances and exits go smoothly. “By eliminating the potential bottleneck of people looking in the mirror while washing their hands, Disney accomplished the not-so-small feat of having bathrooms with almost no lines,” the article notes.

Disney thinks of everything and with this practical measure, the host ensures that guests spend less time waiting to enter the bathroom to take advantage of it and have fun in the attractions of the parks.

Also, in times of pandemic, the idea of ​​avoiding crowds in closed places comes in handy.

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