Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales have enjoyed a brief getaway to Madrid. The couple, who traveled to the capital for work issues, left their daughters Ana and Carlota in Cantora enjoying their grandmother Isabel Pantoja, who after releasing a new single, « This is my life », is back on everyone’s lips. We have been able to see the loving couple leaving the hotel where they stayed to head to the Canary Islands and enjoy a few days off. Accompanied by his friend Rafa Mora, they had a different attitude before our cameras.

While Kiko, in her line, was silent and avoided talking to us about how her famous mother is after the launch of her latest hit, Irene was most sympathetic and revealed, between smiles, that Isabel Pantoja is already in love as she wishes in his new song, « This is my life ». Of course, the collaborator of « Viva la vida » quickly wanted to point out that the tonadillera is in love with « her grandchildren ». The Seville woman also confesses that she « loves » her mother-in-law’s new single and that in the cover photo she is « very pretty ».