They reveal what could be the main cause of Messi’s anger to say that he is tired of being the culprit of everything in Barcelona

They reveal what could be the main cause of Messi's anger to say that he is tired of being the culprit of everything in Barcelona

Messi could be living his last season at Barcelona.

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Lionel Messi said: “I’m a little tired of always being the problem of everything” and his phrase immediately went viral. Several media and fans attributed it to the sayings of Griezmann’s uncle, who recently declared that Leo’s was a “regime of terror” and that he was to blame for his nephew not standing out on the team; but nevertheless, A new reason came to light that could provoke Messi’s little fury.

According to the Diario Olé, Leo he was delighted by the work in Argentina with his team, but the smile disappeared as soon as the plane landed in Barcelona Y “four Treasury agents, for more than an hour, asked Messi questions, Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes (the PSG players accompanied him on the flight), and the pilot. They came and went, filled out a form here and there ”, explains Hernán Claus, the author of the article.

It was too many questions, it seemed even orchestrated And, the strangest thing is that it was the first time this had happened to him when he arrived at El Prat (airport). A Messi worried because his wife was waiting for him in the car with part of his family for more than an hour he came to answer questions when leaving the airport, something he has never done and even less since he came into conflict with the club ”, continues the journalist.

According to the newspaper, a source close to Messi revealed that when he got home he admitted that his discontent was with the Spanish Treasury “I just arrived after 15 hours (of flight) and I met someone from the ranch doing an inspection. Crazy, “Messi said in an audio that circulates on the network, which could be the cause of anger and that he emitted the famous phrase about being the culprit of everything, and not exactly the original version related to his partner’s uncle .

It is worth mentioning that today four fans rebuked Antoine Griezmann outside the Ciudad Esportiva de Barcelona to tell him that “Messi is respected“, As a sign that part of the fans think that he is responsible for the Argentine’s annoyance.