They reveal the story of the Justice League movie that we will never see

They had planned a Justice League movie that was canceled, now its director has wanted to explain what the plot was about.

In 2017 it was released in theaters Batman: The LEGO Movie, an animated film that grossed $ 311 million. The story is about how Bruce wayne You must overcome great obstacles while accepting that you work better as a team than when you are alone. Some of the best moments are when the League of JusticeThat’s why they planned a sequel that they never released.

In a recent interview, the director of Batman: The Lego movie, Chris McKay, talked about the sequel’s story focusing on the League of Justice:

“It was a story about the Justice League and where Batman was in terms of the rest of the DC Comics heroes. But also the struggles they were going through. Plus we were going to remember how the Justice League came together. It also featured Batman and Superman’s relationship, as well as Batman’s relationship with many of the other members of the great superhero team. “

Aside from the big Justice League plot, McKay noted that Robinwhose voice lent Michael Cera in the original version, it would also play a very important role:

“And Robin, obviously, there was a great role for Robin.”

What are the plans for these DC Comics characters?

For now, it seems that Warner Bros will not continue with the version of Zack snyder of the League of Justice and that his film ended in a very interesting way since they introduced the villain Darkseid. On the other hand, the trilogy of The batman from Matt reeves could include great heroes like Superman or Wonder woman, but they would be restarted and therefore other actors other than Henry cavill Y Gal gadot they would interpret them. But they are also preparing another version of the Iron Man, produced by JJ Abrams, so in time they could have their own League of Justice.

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