They reveal the possible cause of death of Edna Schmidt, a journalist from Univisión and Telemundo

The Puerto Rican journalist Edna Schmidt has died at the age of just 51, as reported yesterday, June 24, by various media.

Without yet knowing the reason for her death, social networks were filled with condolences from her former colleagues on television, although a colleague of hers spoke about it and revealed the alleged cause that would have taken his life.

It’s about the journalist Martin Berlanga, who shared with Edna on the Univisión network. He was one of the first to react on the networks to the sudden departure of the communicator and Through an emotional message, he indicated the apparent reason for Schmidt’s death.

“I still have not awakened from astonishment because we spoke on the phone a couple of months ago, we laughed and cried and talked about so many memories shared in journalistic work on television,” read his farewell lines.

Likewise, Martín explained “with deep sadness” that Schmidt’s death occurred due to a fall in his native country, but did not provide further details.

“It is with deep sadness that I learn of the death of my dearest friend Edna Schmidt at 51 years of age. due to a fall in his beloved Puerto Rico”He wrote on his Instagram profile.

On the other hand, the answer he gave Maria Elena Salinas On social networks when one of his followers asked him the cause of Edna’s death, he would confirm what Berlanga shared.

“Schmidt suffered a fall and hit his head causing him to bleed”answered María Elena, a former Univision journalist.

Edna Schmidt, was a renowned journalist who made a career at the Univision network in Miami, Florida, however, the shadow of the scandal also covered her in mid-2011, as she was fired from Univision when she was found under the influence of alcohol in the parking lot of the company.

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