They reveal the name and sex of the baby J Balvin and his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer are expecting

Valentina Ferrer and J Balvin.

Photo: John Parra / Getty Images

During the month of February rumors began that claimed that the singer J Balvin it would be dad; However, the speculations ended, as said information has already been confirmed.

Has been the magazine Hello usa the one who has delivered a new report, which In addition to confirming the sweet expectation of Balvin’s girlfriend, Valentina Ferrer, they also revealed that the baby on the way is a boy and that they have even chosen a name: ‘Rio’.

In the report they indicate that a source close to them exclusively confirmed that Valentina is 7 months pregnant, and, although the couple have not officially announced that they will become parents, A video circulating on social networks proves the obvious growth of the model’s belly.

As for the Colombian, he has said many times in interviews that his biggest dream right now was to start a family, which will become a reality in a few weeks hoping that everything comes out in perfect condition.

Several media agree that the public may not know the first-born of the couple, since they have been characterized by keeping their private life away from the spotlight; they rarely even show their love for social media, but there is still hope that they will share some details about being a new parent.

J Balvin, 35, and Ferrer, 27, met in 2017, they made their romance official in 2018 and, although some media pointed to a break between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, it seems that now they are better than ever.

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