They reveal the big lie of the Temporal Variation Authority in Loki

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During the first two episodes of Loki, the new Marvel series for Disney +, both viewers and the God of Deception received an intensive course on how the Temporal Variation Authority works, the practically all-powerful organization that is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Sacred Timeline and preventing it from chaos unleashes the multiverse.

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Who are your employees, why magic doesn’t work at AVT headquarters, or what role do Guardians of Time are questions that fans were able to discover in previous chapters and that could now turn out to be not entirely true …

Warning: this note may contain spoilers

In the first chapter of Loki, the character of Ravonna Renslayer, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, explained to the God of Deception that the AVT agents, as well as their facilities or the Sacred Timeline, had been created by the Guardians. weather. However, in the third episode, Sylvie reveals that this is partially false.

As the villain and Loki walk through the arid surface of the planet Lamentis-1, Sylvie explains how her power works to enter the minds of other characters, taking as an example the agent she cast a spell in the previous chapter. “My mind was in a mess, everything blurry. I had to draw a memory from hundreds of years before, before joining them. “

Faced with this statement, Loki, incredulous, asks her if the agents were not created by the Guardians, to which she replies: “He was just a normal person. He adored daisies.” Sylve explains that all the AVT workers “they are variants, like us“.

Although at the moment, the series has not given more details, from the conversation that both have it is understood that the Variants captured by the AVT are mentally reprogrammed to work in the agency before the impossibility of returning them to the timeline they belong to. A lie that opens up an infinite amount of possibilities within the plot.


For one thing, the Agency may have kept Loki’s mind intact with the sole interest of him helping them catch the Variant, which would mean that at some future point the AVT could try brainwash the God of Deception when it is no longer useful.

On the other hand, this could mean that many of the workers are not actually who they think they are. This could be the case with Ravonna, who in the comics is a character from the future linked to Kang the Conqueror, the great Marvel villain who aspires to become a luck of the new Thanos in the MCU and who will be presented in the third installment of Ant-Man.

To discover more about the AVT and what implications it will have on the future of Loki and the Marvel Universe, viewers will have to wait for the fourth episode of the series, available on Disney + since July 30.

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