The arrival of the quarterback Tom brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the NFL, was given by decision of the player, who when leaving the New England Patriots, put them as the first option.

That was what was reported this Monday by Buccaneers general managerJason Licht in an interview with the ESPN television network.

Licht explained that his team received the phone call from himself BradyOn March 18, the first day of free agency, and after an hour and a half of conversation, it became clear that both parties were ready to close a two-year, $ 59 million contract, including $ 50 million that are guaranteed.

Licht during ESPN’s “Get Up” program explained that before Brady’s call his team had had no contact with the legendary 42-year-old quarterback, who after 20 seasons with the Patriots and six Super Bowl titles in nine appearances, he decided to enter the free-agent market.

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“We had a great conversation, Bruce Arians (Buccaneers head coach) and I talked to him for over an hour and a half, and he made it clear that he was very, very interested,” Licht said.

“It was almost like a recruitment on his part, telling us why it would make sense for him to come to Tampa Bay,” he added.

Licht noted that the next phone call that both parties made was to sign the contract, although in the first they were convinced that Brady’s arrival to the team was assured.

They also didn’t need to know too much about Brady’s personal interest in reaching the Buccaneers Because, before, Lichdt and Arians had already chosen him as the best option in the position of quarterback, if he became available in the end, as it happened.

Although they both considered the stage as a dream and Arians himself when last February they asked which quarterback he would answer the phone, he replied: “Tom Brady.”

The Buccaneers, who haven’t played the playoffs since 2007, have always viewed Brady as the most beneficial signing for the organization because of his ability to collaborate with an open head coach like Arians, having two great wide receivers – Mike Evans and Chris Godwin-, and keep his residence on the East Coast, close to the family that lives in New York.

As for the questions weighing on the decline in power from Brady’s arm, which is why the Patriots didn’t want to give a two-year contract, let alone a guaranteed $ 50 million, Licht and Arians don’t think that way.

“All we saw was that he has the ideal arm for Arians’ game plan. He can still throw the ball deep. We felt that mobility was still the same as it always had, which has never been able to beat anyone. “Licht defended.

The manager went further when he said they were convinced he could continue playing after the two-year contract and stay with the Buccaneers.