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The Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen (Indep) operates without updated manuals, in opacity and with losses, detected the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF).

According to the Compliance Audit 2019-1-06HKA-19-0052-2020 52-GB –part of the audits of the Public Account 2019–, the body created by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the management of recovered resources with seizures and other actions, it operates with an “outdated” General Organization Manual that “does not correspond to the Organic Statute of November 28, 2019”.

Furthermore, “the Governing Board of the institute has not established the guidelines to regulate the administration, integration and operation of the Comprehensive Asset Management System, which is used to control assets. There is a lack of policies or procedures to prepare bank reconciliations ”.

According to the reviews made by the auditors during 2020 and until January 2021, the ASF indicates that the institute has 4 million 630 thousand 496.69 pesos pending clarification « . It specifies that “with the analysis of three bank accounts, 52 items in reconciliation were determined, for 4,630.5 thousand pesos, which represent money outflows, as well as nine items, for 188.5 thousand pesos, of bank income not recognized by the institute, older than 90 days ”.

It also revealed that « from a bank account the origin of deposits for 588 thousand 798.8 dollars (11,684.7 thousand pesos) was not clarified ».

In addition, it includes in the results of the audit that “of the balance of accounts receivable, for 483,577.6 thousand pesos, debts were determined for 244,526.1 thousand pesos, with an antiquity of more than 721 days, as of September 2020, of which no its purification, recovery or cancellation was accredited ”.

The ruling includes that « of two contracts for the surveillance service, for which 67,450.2 thousand pesos were paid, the registration in the IMSS, by the providers, of 296 workers was not accredited. »

The ASF ordered 11 recommendations, among other actions.

Federal Police HeadquartersFederal Police Headquarters Source: Cuartoscuro

And in the FP there are 12 million pesos to be clarified

According to the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), deficiencies were detected in the adjudication, contracting, operation, verification and supervision of the resources exercised in the budget items of the Federal Police for fiscal year 2019.

This led to a series of observations and even promotions of administrative responsibility to sanction various public officials, in addition to the fact that the destination of 12 million pesos has yet to be clarified.

The Audit detailed that, among other anomalies, one of those detected was in the market investigations to request and award the file storage service, document integration and processing, cleaning service, fumigation service and pest control to the property, areas parking and perimeter fence, specialized fumigation service in file boxes and maintenance services.

He said that in that analysis the information contained in the Internet pages of three companies was included, without their main activity being linked to the service to be hired. Likewise, the aircraft maintenance service did not provide evidence of the reimbursement to the Treasury of 254 thousand pesos derived from exchange differences. With information from David Saúl Vela

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