Just when we thought we had already seen it all, Marvel is planning to present us with one of the most epic matches that we will be able to witness in the MCU, Since after having become one of the most powerful beings, Carol Danvers will rebel against the Avengers, so Monica Rambeau will face Captain Marvel.

Although there are many detractors of heroin, it seems that Marvel has turned a deaf ear to these criticisms, since Captain Marvel will stay for a long season in the MCU, so after being the leader of the Avengers, she will become her next enemy to defeat and only Monica Rambeau will be the one to stop her.

As we know, in the comics, Monica Rambeau also shares the name of Captain Marvel And now that it has been confirmed that he will appear in the series ‘WandaVision’, it is clear that Marvel has great plans for this character, so he will have to face a very difficult test when he has to fight Carol Danvers.

According to portal sources, We Got This Covered, at some point in ‘Captain Marvel 2 or 3’ Carol Danvers will be possessed by an evil cosmic entity It will force her to become a supervillain and will face the other superheroes, who will not be able to overcome her, so Monica Rambeau will become the last hope on earth, since she is the only one with the power to defeat her.

If this is true, we could soon see the evolution of the character of Rambeau in the MCU, since it is clear that in order to stop Danvers he will need great power, so soon this universe will have the two most powerful superheroines that exist, same that will sustain a spectacular combat and given that Marvel is characterized by investing large amounts of money in your productions, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

This is how Monica Rambeau will face Captain Marvel in the MCU, Hopefully the studio will do these two heroines justice and give us an unforgettable fight, meanwhile we can only wait for phase 4 to be launched with ‘Black Widow’ and then we can witness the evolution of these characters.