They reveal that Frida Sofía’s father has a millionaire lawsuit against him

A businessman by name Roberto Morales appeared before the cameras of TV Azteca and assured in the program ‘Selling’ what Pablo Moctezuma, father of Frida sofia, was being sued for defrauding him of more than $ 500,000

Roberto explains that Moctezuma scammed him for several years since 2007, giving him bad checks during the purchase of a restaurant in Mexico City.

“He introduces himself as a customer and starts talking to me, who was interested in buying the restaurant from me. On various occasions He gave me bad checks, three or four times, and told me to wait for him, that he was going to fund the account. Until after a long time, well I got tired ”, said the affected person.

According to Morales’ statements, Pablo never paid him for the restaurant, so he decided to start a civil lawsuit against him and discovered that Frida’s father did not have any property in his name.

“I try to take things to a property lien, accounts lien, but my attorneys realized that He had nothing in his name, nothing exists in his name, the accounts had no funds, the accounts were not his, the shares he had given me in guarantee of the restaurant were not his, I mean, I had absolutely nothing, “said the businessman for the show program.

From that moment on, he decided to sue him for fraud and pointed out that this is how he learned that he was not the only one defrauded by the former de Alejandra Guzman, so ensures you will not rest until you have paid back the more than $ 500,000 that you owe.

I am not the only one disappointed, an example: he buys the restaurant from me and does not pay for it. Then he sells the restaurant four times to four more investors, where it can not meet them either. My lawyers are taking processes of which they do not prescribe, to see what is the way in which we can, in some way, recover what affected us at the time, “he revealed.

It seems that the scandals in Frida Sofía’s family do not stop. Now it is his father, who would face problems with the law after being accused of millionaire fraud, in addition, It would not be the first time that he has been accused of committing fraud, since in 2012 he was arrested on the same charges.

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