They reveal that Alejandra Guzmán removed Frida Sofía from her will

Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

After Frida sofia publicly denounce his grandfather Enrique Guzman for allegedly having touched her improperly when she was a child, everything indicates that this led to Alejandra Guzman make the decision to disinherit it.

Or at least that is what he has assured Pablo Moctezuma, Frida’s father, who in the TV Azteca program ‘Windowing‘mentioned that the rocker removed their daughter from her will.

“I find out that Alejandra removed her from the inheritance And that has been worth three peanuts for Frida, that’s not the problem here; They are not apartments, they are not cars, ”he said.

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In that sense, Pablo said he wished that at least for a moment the singer would give herself an opportunity to get closer to Frida because nothing would give him more pleasure if they reconciled.

“I would love for you to really take a step back and listen more to what your daughter has to say. I know the two love each other. I hope this happens quickly, I do not like being in the middle, I do not like that anyone suffers, “he said.

Likewise, the businessman did not remove his finger from the line and He reiterated that he will give all his support to his daughter now that he has started the legal process against his maternal grandfather, but clarified that he could not speak more about it.

“I cannot comment on that because a whole procedure is being carried out that requires to carry this to the last consequences and I cannot make those comments,” he said.

And on other issues, Moctezuma took advantage of the space to deny the accusation he received from businessman Roberto Morales about an alleged millionaire fraud and according to him, everything is about defamation.

“If it were true, I’d keep quiet and no way. My partners in the United States spoke to me. It is not the first time that he wants to be interesting and defame meHe revealed.

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