They reveal how many years have passed since the start of the zombie apocalypse in TWD

The walking Dead He has not only investigated Negan’s origin story in his episode 10 × 22, since he has also cleared one of the biggest unknowns of the series: the fiction timeline. Thanks to the history of the villain, fans have finally been able to discover how many years have passed since the zombie apocalypse began until the current moment that the protagonists live.

The flashbacks to Negan’s past They have shed some light on the start of the zombie apocalypse. In one sequence, Negan can be seen being attacked by a criminal, events that take place 12 years ago. At that point, zombies were all over the place.

But in addition, the series goes back six weeks, when she is trying to help Lucille (Hillarie Burton Morgan) with her cancer treatments while trying to keep her home safe from walkers. Another flashback, set seven months ago, shows a moment in Lucille and Negan’s life before the apocalypse. This confirms that the protagonists have been fighting zombies between 12 and 13 years old.

The first seasons unfolded in a short period of time, and it wasn’t until later installments that the series began to include major leaps in time, the largest of which took place early in Season 9 and spanned six years.

Until now, the timeline was open to interpretation and viewers looked at details like Carl’s appearance to try to guess the time frame. Thanks to Here’s Negan, the question has been resolved.

The Walking Dead will say goodbye with its season 11, which will arrive at AMC on August 22.

Source: Excelsior