They revalue LGBT + rights

MEXICO CITY. The first Federal Penal Code of Mexico, which came into effect in 1872, did not mention any offense for sexual relations between adults of the same sex. “However, according to figures from Dr. Gloria Careaga, today we are the second nation with the highest number of homophobic crimes. There is a lot to do, ”Linda Atach commented yesterday.

The director of Temporary Exhibitions of the Memory and Tolerance Museum presented the LGBT + exhibition Beyond the Rainbow, which calls for understanding the differences between humans to promote a harmonious coexistence that eradicates discrimination.

We are going to call for empathy and knowledge, to make the tragedy visible; but we are also going to empathize with the victims, “he said at the press conference prior to the
opening of the exhibition and the tour of it.

I have opened almost 50 exhibitions and I have never felt this emotion. After a year and months, we will cut a ribbon again. At last we will have a new opportunity to summon the conscience and also to favor actions. We are before experts in the art of tenacity, “he added in reference to the invited activists.

He said that this exhibition, which will run until August 30, “is a space for empathy and celebration,” as well as a demanding forum, made up of six rooms divided into two floors. And it evokes the articles of the Mexican Constitution that guard the rights of the LGBT + population, and the 24 flags of the most represented dissidents, among other pieces.

The curator explained that this initiative was inspired by the exhibition LGBT +. Identity, love and sexuality, exhibited three years ago, received about 200 thousand visits. “We decided to revive and readapt that first exhibition, because it is necessary and crucial to continue educating in order to eradicate inherited phobias and society’s closure in the face of existing laws.”

He stressed that “the visitor is asked that, as long as there are expressions of disqualification and intolerance towards any form of diversity, we will continue on the wrong path. It is necessary to recognize that it is in each one of us to redirect the course of history ”.

Atach concluded that, after the pandemic and the increase in family violence that caused the confinement, it is vital to reflect on the reality and legality of the rights of diverse families. “We dropped everything that we considered immovable; it’s a new world. The exhibition comes as a celebration in the midst of mourning; it is hope, it is struggle ”.

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