They rescued a migrant child at the Texas border

April 6, 2021


A Border Patrol agent rescued a migrant boy with brown skin and black hair, who was in the city of Rio Grande, Texas, a local US media reported.

The minor asked the agent for help, while he explained that he was walking with a group of people but they “left him dumped” and he did not know where he was.

Regarding his parents, the minor stressed that he was alone.

“I came in a group (…) And in the end they dumped me and I came here to ask for help,” said the boy.

The event was captured by a user who was near the area, who later went viral on the Facebook social network.

Neither the agent nor the child have been officially identified.

The incident occurs at a time when Joe Biden’s administration is struggling to accommodate and process the surge in migrant arrivals to the southwest border.