They rescue the body of a “woman” floating in the Sea of ​​Japan; it was a sex doll

A few days ago a curious scene occurred in northeast Japan, on the coast of the city of Hachinohe. After receiving an emergency call, a specialized team of divers rescued the body of a “woman” floating in the Sea of ​​Japan, but they were shocked to discover that it was actually a sex doll.

From a distance, it seemed that indeed the body of a naked woman was floating adrift in that area, but when carrying out the operation the rescuers noticed that it was a silicone doll.

The curious fact was documented on Twitter by some users in that country, including the YouTuber Natsuki Tanaka. “While filming a fishing video, I thought there was a corpse floating in the water, but it was an inflatable doll”, The girl wrote on her Twitter account.

Tanaka posted some photos where emergency crews are seen working on the rescue in front of a crowd watching the operation. A team of firefighters and an ambulance also gathered for the emergency call.

While the causes of the sex toy floating in the ocean are unknown, another Japanese Twitter user noted that it probably came from an illegal garbage dump near the area.

The use of sex dolls has become popular in Japan and other parts of the world, but in that eastern country there is even the possibility of organizing funerals for sex dolls instead of simply throwing them away. The company Love Doll, in Osaka, offers funerals with a ceremony included, coffins, flower garlands and special clothes for her burial. Lelya Arata, founder of the particular company, has said that her venture arose from the need she observed in the owners of sex dolls, to dispose of them in a more humane way than simply throwing them away … or throwing them into the sea.

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