The rescue was registered on June 22 in the sector of From the river when around 5:00 p.m. the Border Patrol received the report of a man from Cuba alerting that a relative and five other migrants required help after they got lost trying to bypass a highway checkpoint on Highway 277.

The relative said that the six had become ill and could not continue the journey due to the extreme heat.

The rescue unit BORSTAR The Border Patrol carried out a search operation and after 30 minutes located three of the group who were still able to walk and were looking for help.

Upon arriving at the place where the other three were, they discovered that they were dehydrated and in poor condition, so after offering first aid, they had to be airlifted to a hospital for medical attention.

« Crossing the border illegally is an arduous and dangerous proposition that carries inherent risks, » he said. Doyle E. Amidon Jr., agent in charge of the Del Río sector. « The Border Patrol not only searches for undocumented aliens, but is also ready to provide aid and save lives when necessary. »

The six undocumented immigrants were processed and as soon as they were discharged they would be immediately deported to Mexico under the Title 42 of the Health Law implemented during the pandemic.

* Rescue immigrants lost at the border thanks to smoke signals they sent