They repair a Tesla for $ 700 when the official workshop asked for 16,000


ACD avatar ACD August 1, 2021

$ 700 vs. $ 16,000. That’s the difference in price between a repair made by individuals and what you would ask a Tesla driver.

The repair of a car for 700 dollars (about 600 euros) for which the brand asked him for $ 16,000 (almost 14,000 euros) has sown controversy in the United States.

The protagonist of our story is the driver of a Tesla Model 3, who after suffering a small accident (collided with some remains of the road that damaged, underneath the body, the cooling system of the electric vehicle), he decided to take the car to an official workshop to have the damages estimated.

Cooling system, Discord breakdown

Tesla Model 3 Repair

3 photos Tesla Model 3 repair


The news that he had to pay the aforementioned $ 16,000 for the repair (the cost of a new car) made the motorist will look for some cheaper alternative.

According to the Tesla service center the cooling system had to be completely replaced of the electric vehicle batteries, but Rich Benoit and the team at Electrified Garage, a popular YouTube channel, took up his case and told him they could fix the problem for a lot less money.

Only one part that connects the battery to a refrigeration line was damaged, something that Tesla does not repair: it only offers the possibility of replacing the entire system. The guys at Electrified Garage fixed it using a piece of brass bought from a DIY store.

Apart from the scandal caused by such a difference in price, this has opened a debate on the fact that automobile companies and other consumer brands require that their products be repaired only by an authorized workshop or a manufacturer’s own center, reducing customer options, and setting their own rates, which are usually quite high.

Tesla must compensate its Norwegian customers with 13,000 euros

This is a very popular topic in the United States, where associations are emerging that support consumers’ right to repair their own products, something that brands should allow and accept.

Benoit and the Electrified Garage team are great advocates of the right to reparation and they argue that this story shows that they are on the right track.

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