They released “Pata” Medina | BAE Business

The federal justice of La Plata granted this Thursday the release of the former head of the Uocra platense Juan Pablo “Pata” Medina, who was arrested for « money laundering and illicit association » by order of the Quilmes justice, a judicial source informed ..

The resolution was adopted by Federal Oral Court 2 of La Plata by making room for a proposal of Cesar Albarracin, Medina’s lawyer, who was under house arrest since February 18, 2020.

What does the ruling say that benefits Pata Medina

In the ruling, to which . had access, the Court upheld the ban on leaving the country and the obligation to appear once a month at the Commissariat with jurisdiction at their home, while the health emergency lasts, and must then appear at the courthouse with similar periodicity.

He also imposed the prohibition of making contact, by any means, with the victims and / or approach their work or private homes and maintain the prohibition of carrying out any union activity in the Uocra, La Plata sectional or other sectional.

In the ruling, in addition Medina was forbidden to attend the union premises.

The Basics of Release

In the ruling, the judge Alejandro Esmoris detailed that Medina « lacks a criminal record and in case of having been sentenced to the legal minimum of the penalty established for the crimes that are imputed to him, for the period that he has been detained, it would allow the application of the institute of conditional freedom ”.

« There are no clear reasons that justify the presence of a nuisance hazard, given that in the time that he has been complying with the precautionary measure in his home, he has observed an adequate conduct ”, he graficed.

Medina’s arrest in 2017

Both Medina and David Emiliano Garcia (his brother-in-law) were detained since September 26, 2017 by order of the federal judge of Quilmes Luis Armella, who prosecuted him for the crimes of « illicit association », « money laundering » and « extortion » and also an embargo for 200 million pesos.