They release a policeman in Argentina who shot and killed his 6-year-old daughter during an argument with her partner

File image of a police officer in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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The Guarantees judge in the case against the police officer accused of shooting his 6-year-old daughter to death in the middle of an argument with her partner in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ordered the release of the man.

According to local media reports this Wednesday, citing police sources, Judge Carina Alejandra Andrijasevich released the officer on June 4 after determining that it was a manslaughter.

Andrijasevich considered that Juan Ramón Herrera committed the facts by accident and that he had no intention of perpetrating the crime, in a house in the town of Virrey del Pino, in the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires,

Initially, Herrera, 34, faced charges of qualified murder for the murder of his own daughter. The head of the Court of Guarantees 6 of La Matanza determined that the incident it is wrongful death that is releaseable.

The policeman, who He was being held at the request of the prosecutor in the case, Gastón Duplaa, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) Thematic Homicides of La Matanza, has already been released.

“The mother of the deceased girl and the brother-in-law of the accused declared, and both were very clear that he did not want to kill her,” said the spokesman in charge of the investigation, as quoted by Chronicle.

Both Herrera and his wife Natalia Bergamaschi agreed in their testimonies before the authorities.

Bergamaschi, 29, the victim’s mother, indicated that the shot that hit her daughter occurred in the middle of a struggle between her and her partner.

The events were recorded at midnight on May 29.

Police were consuming alcoholic beverages at the time of the incident

Herrera was consuming alcoholic beverages in the dining room of the house, where his daughter and his wife were also, when an argument began between the couple and there was a struggle between them.

The man took his service weapon and a shot hit the ground that ricocheted and hit the girl’s abdomen.

It is not clear what triggered the brawl. Investigators confirmed that there was no history of intimate partner violence, according to the LM Neuquen report.

The agent was even granted permission to go to the girl’s wake with his wife, albeit under surveillance by police officers. Bergamaschi, also a member of the city police, married Herrera in 2016. The victim was the only daughter of the couple.

The Transparency Office of the City Police removed the accused from his position until the criminal prosecution against him is resolved.

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