They recreate the world of Super Mario Galaxy in Minecraft

When we think of a game that allows us to do almost anything, the first name that comes to mind is the title that has managed to conquer all available platforms, expanding and creating a very diverse universe (or universes). A title to live thousands of adventures in unknown lands, created for our enjoyment. Of course, we talk about Minecraft, the block game that allows everything said and much more. This time it could not be different and this time Mario has flown down from space to bring the world of Super Mario Galaxy to Minecraft, as did the world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the amusement park Super Nintendo World, worlds of Star Wars and a long etcetera.

Minecraft Super Mario Galaxy

Minecraft Super Mario Galaxy

A whole universe again on our Nintendo Switch

And it is that the search for Bowser throughout the universe has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch again but this time in block format. The “architects” (Chasin_Jason, Hogwarts007 and 99blockmaking) who have managed to replicate the well-known Nintendo Wii title, Super Mario Galaxy, in the world of Minecraft, have been very careful in their construction, achieving things as impressive as levels in which to be able to look for the famous stars all over the world. Specifically, these fans of the Super Mario saga have introduced nothing more and nothing less than 86 stars to chase through its different scenarios, and, perhaps we will even meet an old friend along the way

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It is clear that Minecraft is “that game” that allows everything, and in it you can find a whole host of worlds, a world according to your tastes, your hobbies, your desires, so don’t let anything “BLOCK” you in your hobbies and go looking for the world that best suits you to you. Will the world inspired by Super Mario Galaxy be your favorite? What other worlds would you like to see in this title?