They recover this answer from Ayuso to Vox in 2016 to show their change: “When it was decent”

Toscano’s exchange of tweets with Ayuso in 2016. (Photo: TWITTER)

The deputy of Más Madrid Hugo Martínez Abarca has recovered this weekend a response that Isabel Díaz Ayuso, current president of the Community of Madrid, gave in August 2016 to a Vox leader.

In this way, Martínez Abarca has wanted to highlight Ayuso’s ideological change in these last five years. “When Ayuso was decent,” he has written along with the old tweets.

In those messages, the now president of the Community of Madrid wondered why a law against LGTBIphobia and against discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity was necessary. And he responded with a screenshot of the law itself in which it was ensured that the Constitution includes the participation of all citizens in political, economic, social and cultural life and that the public powers are obliged to facilitate it and promote the freedom of the individual be real and effective.

Carla Toscano, now a Vox deputy in Congress, responded to that message from Ayuso with a question: “Then why that law?” The response of the leader of the PP was categorical: “Because there is discrimination, because there are people who cannot live fully or freely because of other people’s prejudices.”

Martínez Abarca has recovered that exchange of tweets days after Ayuso affirmed: “I am going to work so that neither homosexuals nor transsexuals allow themselves to be collectivized.”

“I am not going to allow associations or groups or unjust laws to promote more divisions by sex or identity in my Community,” he added.

The deputy of Más Madrid himself has admitted: “I have only spoken with her once (in a waiting room in Telemadrid) and I got a good impression of a person who did not forgive the homophobia of an ultra-specific medium. I don’t know what the cause is, but it is obviously more “flexible” now.

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