The Great N suffered several months ago filtration that made many files of its most classic games come to light, something that Internet users are taking advantage of to reveal to the rest of the community some aspects that were hidden in the source code. Thus, although recently we have been able to see what the beta versions of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were like, now the protagonist is Mario Verde Luigi, whose model has been rebuilt to Super mario 64, a game that marked a before and after in the titles of the most famous multi-employee plumber in the entire history of video games.

Luigi arrives at Super Mario 64 thanks to Internet users

Not everything that is initially thought for a title ends up reaching the final version, and it is normal for developers to leave some lines and some files that are not « legally » accessible to other mortals in the game code. . Thus, although Luigi was originally intended for Super Mario 64 as part of a split-screen multiplayer mode, since the Big N was unable to develop the idea, this character was left out of the version that was released, but not outside the code, since now Internet users have rebuilt the model, as we can see in the video shared on Youtube by CuckyDev.

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Therefore, it is more than clear to us that Internet users can do everything, as they have now shown by having rebuilt the brother of the red plumber for Super Mario 64. And you, if you played this title at the time More than 20 years ago, would you have liked this possible two-player mode to have been implemented in the final version?