This Thursday Paz Padilla once again left the spectators and their own colleagues in ‘Save me’ stunned for a unfortunate comment about a « fetish » you had in the past. The program reported the robbery live to Sofía Suescun and Kiko Jiménez, who discovered that their home had been robbed and their car stolen while they were enjoying a vacation in Ibiza.

Paz Padilla assures that it was morbid to have the tracks of the thieves of his car

The presenter did not hesitate to remove iron from the material value of the robbery and proceeded to recall an anecdote that seemed to her most amusing. « My car was stolen. Unit 4 of drug trafficking crimes in Barcelona called me, » he said. The police were responsible for taking tracks inside the vehicle to try to find the criminals. The normal thing, afterwards, would have been to clean him of the chemicals from the investigation and the dirt caused by the thieves, but this was not the case for Paz.

« In the end I was six months with fingerprints, because it gave me a morbid … », revealed, leaving the collaborators of ‘Save me’ speechless. Believing they were not understanding her, the comedian insisted: « My car was stolen. They ran over people with my car and there were deaths and everything … it made me sick!Although the faces that colleagues like Belén Esteban were a poem, she did not notice.

He did not clean the tracks because he was morbid

The humorist continued with her experience, highlighting once again the morbidity produced by bearing the tracks of criminals marked inside the car. « I had to go to Unit 4 and that was like in ‘CSI’. The smoked glasses so as not to see the one they were questioning, like in the movies. Although they were smoked from the dirt, » he continued laughing. While, on social networks it did not take long to arouse criticism from viewers, astonished as the collaborators of ‘Save me’ Given Paz Padilla’s decision to humorously recall an event that had fatalities.