They raid the house of the doctor who treated Maradona

Ap and Afp

La Jornada newspaper
Monday, November 30, 2020, p. 3

Buenos Aires. The doctor of the idol Diego Armando Maradona – who died on Wednesday due to a heart attack – has been singled out for alleged negligence in the treatment of the soccer star.

For this reason, the Argentine police raided the house and office of Leopoldo Luque, a neurologist who treated Maradona in his last stage, in search of probative documentation under the eventual figure of wrongful death. Judicial sources clarified that this notification does not imply a call for inquiry or a measure restricting freedom.

After the raid, Luque told reporters that he gave investigators all of Maradona’s medical records, as well as computers, hard drives and cell phones.

Luque defended his treatment of Pelusa, who died of a heart attack after being operated on for cerebral edema on November 3.

The doctor argued that it was very difficult to prescribe Maradona, who resisted receiving medical treatment and even threw him out of his home on multiple occasions. He maintained that he was her neurosurgeon and not her family doctor, so that decisions were made among a medical team and that he had no hierarchy over others.

Diego did what he wanted, Luque said; he needed help, there was no way to get into him. I am a doctor, I am not a police officer, I am not a judge. He had to convince himself to improve, how do you convince a man like that?

The investigation against the doctor was opened after the testimonial statements of Dalma, Gianinna and Jana, daughters of the legendary soccer player. However, the judicial sources clarified that the investigation was not initiated by the daughters, but is ex officio.