they publish the memoirs of the cook who prepared his last meal for Adolf Hitler

Constanze Manziarly, the young Austrian dietician who reveals, in letters now published, the digestive problems of the dictator Adolf Hitler, the eating habits of the Nazis and his fears Credit: Twitter

The last meal of Adolf hitler before committing suicide there were spaghetti with tomato I cook Constanze Manziarly, the young woman Austrian dietitian revealed, in letters now published, the digestive problems dictator, the eating habits of the nazis and their fears.

Manziarly worked by force for the Nazi leader and He disappeared weeks after his suicide. Now a book collects 18 cards that the young woman, practically unknown until today, wrote to his family.

After the suicide, Manziarly had to prepare dinner for the Führer so that his death would be kept a secret Credit: Twitter

“It is interesting to note that, until now, only limited and fragmentary information has been obtained on the young woman from the Tirol (Austria)«, Explained in an interview with the . agency the researcher and writer of the book, Stefan dietrich. « It has been a blind spot in the Hitler literature, » he said.

The letters that the Austrian author collects in Constanze Manziarly: Hitler’s Last Dietitian, which the publisher has just published Berlin Story Verlag, were intended for the woman’s family. Specifically, his father and sister.

Dated from April 3, 1943 to December 1944, in them the young woman details the « very specific » eating habits of the nazis, the Führer’s chronic digestion problems and the stressful situations he experienced daily, in addition to his deep terror.

In the first of the letters recovered by Dietrich it was already observed that Constanze did not feel comfortable at work. and that he did it out of obligation.

Manziarly worked for the Nazi leader and disappeared weeks after the dictator’s suicide. Now, a book includes 18 letters that the young woman, practically unknown until today, wrote to her family Source: .

“People keep telling me that this mission is a privilege, one that thousands of people envy me. If they only knew what’s in all this! How gladly would I give everything to someone with experience, someone more appropriate, and regain my peace of mind in his place, « wrote the young Austrian.

In the first letters, moreover, he already warned of the censorship to which they were subjected: «Please, be careful when writing. Without criticism, the mail is controlled in an ordinary way.

Interested in nutrition since young

Manziarly was born on April 14, 1920 in the city of Innsbruck in Austria, in a family of wealthy middle class, with an interest in culture and, especially, in music. Constanze herself played the piano and, in fact, Dietrich explained, owes her name to Mozart’s wife.

The writer indicated that, according to his sister -thanks to whoever got the letters-, Manziarly was quiet, attentive, conscientious, interested in a wide variety of things and well educated. Also that from a very young age she had shown interest in a healthy and natural life, particularly focused on the field of nutrition.

After attending the female institute of the Ursuline convent and subsequently spending three years at the Innsbruck State Institute of Economic Professions, with the aim of specializing in the area of ​​dietetic cooking, she got an internship at the Biologisches Kurheim from teacher Werner zabel. It was a private hospital in Bischofswiesen near Berchtesgaden, a German town near Austria where Hitler had his mountain residence.

Constanze did not feel comfortable in her work and that she did it out of obligation Source: .

As Dietrich points out, Manziarly’s admission to Professor Zabel’s clinic meant the beginning of a chain of events that catapulted her, « unprepared », into Hitler’s environment.

Replacement of the Jewish Dietitian

The dictator met Constanze when he was in the Berchtesgaden clinic. As explained by the researcher, Hitler had just fired his dietician after discovering that the ancestry of his grandmother was « questionable » and contained « jewish blood«.

This happened when Hitler and his entourage were moving from the ‘Wolf’s lair«, His headquarters near Rastenburg in East Prussia, at the Berghof in the Berchtesgaden area on March 25, 1944.

As Dietrich pointed out, « the most obvious thing » was to turn to Professor Zabel’s « Kurheim » (center of rest). This was the one who assigned Manziarly the preparation of Hitler’s diet and meals. Shortly after starting this job, he wrote in a letter dated April 3, 1944, that what wears off him the most is the enormous burden of responsibility he has to carry.

Hitler met Constanze when he was at the Berchtesgaden clinic and had just fired his dietician after discovering that his grandmother’s ancestry contained « Jewish blood » Credit: Twitter

I’ll use this lunch break to unburden my heart. Things have turned out similar to what I had suspected all along last week but didn’t think it would happen: due to the ‘up there’ instructions for Professor Zabel and myself, I will have to stay and carry out my dutiesYou know what I mean, as long as he’s here. This can be 14 days, or a few months, or half a year, nobody knows, ”wrote Constanze.

As the writer pointed out, it was in early July 1944, when headquarters was about to relocate to the ‘Wolf’s Lair’, that Manziarly was asked if she was willing to join the staff.

Forced to serve

In that first letter it was already said that Manziarly had no freedom of choice to refuse the post in Hitler’s service. ‘Any objection would be completely useless and, in the worst case, it could end up in court (.). For the moment, all you have to do is accept the situation; this is not easy for me, ”he wrote.

Although the young Austrian had the « hope » of working alone until the autumn for Hitler, in the letter of July 27 – sent from the « Wolf’s Lair » – she confirmed that she would have to stay indefinitely. « My dear! Now it has been decided that I will stay here. The Führer wanted it that way and all other considerations have become irrelevant. You cannot imagine how difficult it is for me to inform you that I won’t be able to go see them in the near futureConstanze explained.

From that date until the dictator’s death, Dietrich explained that Manziarly was part of Hitler’s exclusive inner circle. She became his dietitian and dedicated herself to preparing menus for him, shared his meals, participated in his evening tea sessions, congratulated him on his last birthday and wedding, and finally, he was in the bunker during his suicide.

The last meal

As Dietrich explained, on April 30 he was ordered to, as usual, prepare lunch. What Constanze cooked were spaghetti « With a light tomato sauce » that Hitler ate with her and her two secretaries.

The writer explained to . that one of them, Traudl junge, wrote in his diary that Constanze was instructed to cook dinner as if it were for Hitler after the suicide with the intention of concealing his death.

In the first letter it was already said that Manziarly did not have the freedom of choice to reject the position in Hitler’s service Credit: Twitter

«With the eyes full of tears, the young woman Fräulein Manziarly she is sitting in a corner. He had to prepare dinner for the Führer this April 30, as usual, so that his death would be kept a secret. But no one ate the fried eggs and mashed potatoes«, Can be read in Junge’s memoirs.

However, Dietrich indicated that based on his research, it must have been an error. He explained that, from the outside, no one would have noticed whether Constanze was making mashed potatoes or not.

The end of Constanze

Hours after the suicide of Adolf Hitler and his wife, the investigator noted that a feeling of uncertainty and « not knowing what to do » settled in the bunker. Although there are no letters from that time, Dietrich claimed that Manziarly was last seen on May 2, 1945 and that in the following years no clues appeared about his whereabouts.

Based on his research, the assumptions about his fate boil down to two possibilities: o suicide or murder having met Russian soldiers. However, he added that there are authors who bet that he escaped to Latin America.