They prioritize vaccination against covid-19 in the Colombian Amazon due to the risk of Brazilian strain

The Colombian government announced on Friday that it will allocate 45,000 doses of Vaccine against him Covid-19 in the Colombian Amazon belt, due to the need to create an epidemiological blockade and prevent the Brazilian strain from entering the region and spreading throughout the rest of the country.

« The advisory body of Vaccines, which is the scientific committee that supports decisions on issues of Vaccines, he recommended that we raise an exceptional distribution situation for the Amazon area, seeking to make an epidemiological blockade of the region and generate less transmissibility in the Amazon area, and also protect the rest of the country from the potential arrival of this strain « , announced the minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, in a statement.

Although the capital of the Colombian Amazon, Leticia, is cut off from the rest of the country by air to prevent the strain from moving to the interior of the country and causing an increase in cases, Ruiz pointed out that the community of that municipality is in risk, so work will be done on your immunization in the coming weeks.

Colombia completes two weeks with a decrease in infections and deaths caused by the Covid-19, but is still at risk from the Brazilian strain, stressed the minister.

Source: Sputnik

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