They plan to invade the Emirates Stadium against Villarreal

05/04/2021 at 9:08 PM CEST

Adrià Corominas

First were the fans of the Chelsea, manifesting at the gates of Stamford Bridge before the game against Brighton to protest against his team’s entry into the Super league, just the day after announcing the creation of the new European competition. This Sunday, the turn was for those of the Manchester United, which broke into Old trafford with the same purpose causing the suspension of an entire Manchester United-Liverpool. And it seems that on Thursday the relay can be taken over by Arsenal fans on the occasion of the visit of the Villarreal to London to dispute the return of the semifinals of the Europa League.

The ‘gunner’ fans want to show their discomfort at the decision made by their leaders to have signed their inclusion in the Super League. And this is what the promoters of the concentration at the Emirates Stadium have made known through social networks to summon their followers: “Daniel Ek (Spotify founder who wants to buy the club) is pressuring Stan kroenke (owner of Arsenal). We, as fans, should do the same & rdquor ;.

His intention is to cause the suspension of the game against Villarreal, just as United fans did with the game against Liverpool this Sunday. The UEFA It has not yet ruled on the matter, but the sanction to which the London team would be exposed could have important consequences that the Gunners leaders do not intend to risk.

Emery takes them all

After a holiday, the Villarreal This Tuesday started one of the most important weeks in its history, where it could get into the first European final in its history.

And he did it smoothly in the bulk of his squad ahead of Thursday’s game against Arsenal in London, where the coach Unai emery wants to move with the entire squad, making clear the significance of the game.

The team plans to hold the last session this Wednesday, to travel to London in the afternoon.