The videos of the strange events have been captured mainly in countries like Spain and Argentina during the quarantine

By: Eleazar Cortez

As happened a few years ago, social network users have started to share an enormous amount of videos showing strange lights in the sky accompanied by disturbing and deafening noises at dawn.

The fragments have been taken in cities of Argentina, Spain and even Bolivia.

It was through Twitter that various people began to create threads to show the evidences of a phenomenon that is not new but that has been presented again in the world and that by many has been called as “Trumpets of the Apocalypse”.

In the videos you can hear noises like those made by the tripods in the movie “War of the Worlds”, in addition to blue and green lights and even a series of UFOs which are grouped in the sky to move together.

“That is not the train, that is playing in all cities,” says a girl in her video.

These noises have also caused pets to start barking and becoming very fidgety when listening to them.

Various theories made by Internet users indicate that these sounds are caused by the planet’s tectonic plates but many others believe that it is about extraterrestrial life, some others have argued that it is a series of drones recently launched by the South African magnate Elon musk.