They order the admission to a psychiatric hospital for the accused of threatening his neighbors with a sword

The judge has ordered the entry into the Psychiatry area of ​​the Juan Ramón Jiménez de Huelva Hospital for the man in his 30s detained in Moguer (Huelva) after he tried to attack an off-duty police officer and threaten passersby with a sword and a knife.

The arrest was carried out by agents of the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Moguer last Saturday afternoon and, according to police sources, it was brought to justice this morning and this internment measure has been agreed.

The events took place after the detainee staged a fight with other people in the Coronation Square of said municipality.

After this first altercation, in which he tried to attack an off-duty Local Police officer, this person, in his 30s, moved to another part of the town, Calle Santa Rita. It was there that he seized a sword and a knife and began to threaten passers-by on the road.

Alerted by the neighbors, agents of the Moguer Local Police and the Civil Guard traveled to the place, finally being able to reduce and proceed to arrest of this person.