They open oral trial to the driver of the Alvia and the former director of Security of Adif for the accident of Angrois

Flowers at the accident site (Photo: Carlos Alvarez via .)

The Court of Instruction number 3 of Santiago has agreed to open an oral trial against the driver of the Alvia accident in Angrois on July 24, 2013 and for whom he was the Director of Traffic Safety at Adif at the time of commissioning of the line.

As reported by the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG), the examiner has considered the accusations against both of them formulated in case the facts that are imputed to them constitute 80 crimes of homicide due to serious professional negligence, of 145 injuries due to serious negligence. professional and a crime of damages. The Prosecutor’s Office requests for each of them four years in prison.

In addition, it demands that the machinist be disqualified from his profession during the time of the sentence. For the other defendant, it requires disqualification for the same period for the exercise of any profession that involves management, safety or responsibility in railway infrastructures. Both will be tried by the Criminal Court number 2 of Santiago.

The magistrate has required the two investigated and, where appropriate, the insurance companies, as direct civil liability, or the public entities Renfe Operadora and Adif, as subsidiaries, to provide a bond of almost 57.7 million euros. All this with the aim of ensuring the pecuniary responsibilities that could be imposed on them in the sentence.

Likewise, the instructor has warned them that, if they do not lend it, assets will be seized in sufficient quantity to ensure that sum.

In accordance with article 784.1 of the Criminal Procedure Law, after the notification of the order, made this Wednesday, the defendants and the civilly responsible have a period of three days to appear in the case with a lawyer and attorney or, where appropriate , ratify those already designated. There is no recourse against the resolution, except in relation to the personal situation of the accused.

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