They open an amusement park with soccer fields on the roof of a shopping mall

At a difficult time for shopping malls, the project Alto Parque opened its doors at the Tortugas Open Mall. The work started in December 2019 and was paralyzed by the pandemic until last November. It is an entertainment complex of games and soccer fields.

The idea was Miguel Martínez de Hoz, together with his partners Tomas and Nicolás Hermida and Diego Porto. Those who share a partnership in the agency Porto Group corporate events and in addition, they own Soccer District a complex of soccer fields who already made his footing in Belgrano at the Racket Club and at Puente La Noria.

Alto Parque created a 3,000 square meter complex that has two soccer fields, five located on the shopping terrace and in which 700 square meters have 60 divided games, half in a covered area and the rest in an uncovered area.

Soccer fields on the roof of a shopping mall

Miguel Martinez de Hoz pointed to BAE Business: « We have the first soccer fields on the terraces of a shopping mall in the whole country. It is played at a height of more than 15 meters. It is a strong bet for 10 years. The games area is called the adrenaline zone and the senses zone, there are thematic lectures and an adrenaline space with free fall games from 6 meters. Boys can enter from 1.20 high. Level 1, 2 and 3 have games at three meters and level 4 has games at 6 meters ”.

Although the soccer fields began to be used in January just a week ago, the municipality of Malvinas Argentinas authorized the opening of the park. The entry costs $ 1100 but there is a promo that lowers the price to $ 825 for playing an hour and a half. The rent of the soccer field costs $ 3000 an hour.

Amusement park with high altitude games

Martínez de Hoz told BAE Business: “The complex was built by experts like Euca Tigre, which is the fun park in height that works in Tigre. Boys can enter Alto Parque from 6 years of age without limits. The idea is that young and old go. They can be up to 48 boys simultaneously. They go with a harness, gloves, helmets, they always have a life cable. The boy arrives and passes his harness and carabiner through a life cable and cannot fall”.

“With our events company we took employees from different companies to play and it occurred to us to replicate it. The idea for the future is to take Alto Parque to another shopping center or in places with a high population density such as CABA. The pandemic left us a bit reeling but the idea is to open a park outside the country. We are thinking of giving franchises« Said one of the owners of the complex.

« Outside of Falabella, we are the biggest shopping customer. Going through the pandemic was not easy since it was closed from March to November, but we were able to pay salaries. Among all the companies we have 20 employees. Despite everything we opened, now we want to focus on activities for companies, team games with a coach to oil teamwork and help align the objectives. In particular, we target the birthday celebrations, where a plus of 350 will be charged for over the entrance and three menus of pizza, hamburgers and a healthier one will be offered « , said the owner.

When asked if he is a relative of José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz, he accommodates himself and explains: « He was my grandfather’s second cousin, I didn’t even know him ». If the project works, it will be replicated in other shopping malls and if not, outside of shopping centers. Without wasting time, they are already working to be able to disembark in Paraguay with other complexes.

Alto Parque at Tortugas Open Mall