If you are interested in better interpreting financial language, diagnosing the financial health of companies and planning their future according to what was found, explaining the concept of value for money over time, comparing and deciding between two or more investment projects This course could help you achieve your goals.

For this reason, the Universidad de los Andes, through Coursera, offers the course entitled “Fundamentals of Business Finance” with the aim that those interested can acquire the necessary knowledge to understand the finances of the company where they carry out tasks and make better decisions. . Although focused on the corporate sphere, this knowledge can also be used in personal and daily life.

This 12-hour course is designed for those who want to learn about finance and apply different financial analysis tools to practical situations. No prior knowledge is required, it is 100% online and students will be able to set and maintain deadlines based on their own schedules. The program is divided into six modules, or weeks, of study.

At the end of the first stage, students will be able to list the three financial decisions of any company, explain the relevance of value creation in companies, differentiate intermediate objectives from the main objective of finance, and explain the universality of business finance.

Then, during the second week, they will learn how to differentiate between a company’s operating, financing, and investment decisions, identify the companies’ main financial statements, and interpret which financial statements reflect financial decisions.

In the third module, students will analyze how the main financial indicators should be described. In addition to differentiating between liquidity, operation, profitability and solvency indicators; and apply the knowledge learned to real situations in any company.

At the end of the fourth stage of study, those enrolled will know how to explain the concepts of: value of money over time, interest, present value and future value. They will also understand how to convert interest rates for different periods; calculate the payments on a debt according to a given interest rate. They will also know how to apply the tools and knowledge seen in real situations and use Excel financial formulas to make financial calculations.

In the fifth week they will learn how to describe and calculate the internal rate of return, the payback period, the cost benefit ratio, and the net present value. In addition to applying financial tools to determine the viability of investment projects. And in the final stage, they will study the concept of cost of capital (WACC) and its application as a discount rate in investment decisions will be explained.

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