It is no secret to anyone that the pandemic of
COVID-19 left millions of people unemployed, which has caused a
600% increase in food demand in charities such as
Feeding South Florida.

In their two huge warehouses where food boxes are packed, volunteers are needed.

Paco Vélez, CEO of Feeding South Florida says
that “they have canned food, rice, beans, we have vegetables and milk for
families and meat packages ”.

About eighty Feeding South volunteers
Florida spends extra time from their daily routine to pack food.

the rules are clear, the use of gloves and masks is required, maintain the
social distancing and strict hygienic-sanitary measures ”.

Twenty-five National Guard troops support
in the labors.

José Blandón, head of the Guardia battalion
Nacional assures that “They have to see if the food is not expired, organize
all that food to pack it and send it to all the influxes and the people that
you need them ”

In normal times 120 volunteers work
for each winery, due to social distancing measures only
40 people are allowed, with the increase in food demand by up to
600%, that implies to redouble efforts so that the packages arrive on time.

Vélez says that “Normally Feeding South
Florida assists more than 700,000 people each year in all four counties in
this time we are serving more than a million people. “

Feeding South Florida stores and distributes
food from local farms, private donors and large

Although no more volunteers are needed at this time, if you want to be part of this organization and you are over 12 years old, you can apply at