They march for peace; They ask for an end to violence


TO One week after the massacre that occurred in Reynosa (last June 19), members of various associations and civil groups in Reynosa held a march for peace yesterday and to demand that the authorities of the three orders of government address the violence it has unleashed in the city, which has claimed the lives of innocents or who have disappeared.

Shouting “we want peace”, “leaving home in peace” and “Reynosa wants to live in peace”, more than a hundred people gathered on Morelos Boulevard, to the south of the city, to end up in the main square in the municipal presidency.

Within the groups and associations, the members carried canvases and cards in which they denounced the disappearance of their relatives or the death of one of them.

The stimulus that caused the march is due to the recent deaths of 15 people who were unrelated to the attacks sustained by the various organized crime cells that operate in the town and neighboring municipalities.

It is a massacre that we fully live, it can be called that, because they went directly, there is a 19-year-old young man there, he was just growing up, he was in full youth, recently graduated from the Faculty of Nursing. He was working in a gang in the municipality, he wanted to be a doctor, “recalled Gustavo Azuara Díaz, president of the CRT civil association (Rodolfo Torre Club).

The leader denounced that hours before the march he received threats by telephone not to participate.

I am no longer afraid, because it is Reynosa’s daily bread, I have to go out to work and bring food home ”.

Regarding the threat, he assured that the voice told him “to leave this for peace, that it was not going to be solved and that if my life mattered not to do it.” However, it was.

On the other hand, so far, the authorities continue to stagnate, since the only advance they have presented is the arrest of five suspects.

The State Prosecutor’s Office no longer provided further information on the clarification of the 15 deaths, and despite the fact that there are five people arrested, apparently only three are related to the murders.

The detainees are part of the Los Escorpiones criminal cell.

The US State Department issued a security alert for its citizens who visit Reynosa and maintained its recommendation not to travel to Tamaulipas due to the incidence of crime and kidnappings that are registered.

The notice was issued by the Consulate in Matamoros and argued that the cause is due to organized crime violence.

In light of the violence that took place in Reynosa on June 19, US government personnel in Reynosa are temporarily restricted to field operations and official movements other than home to work, ”he said.

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