A group of 10 women, supported by the Madriz Association for Leadership and Development (Aldema), make gel alcohol based on the plant known as aloe, from which they extract the substance that they mix with 70-degree alcohol and vanilla and then distribute Free to families who need the product.

Bayardo Antonio Gómez, from Aldema, explained that “they are young people from the countryside with whom we, like Aldema, have been working on different projects and this time have learned how to make this product.”

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She added that some 60 women organized in the municipalities of Totogalpa, San Lucas, Yalagüina and Totogalpa, areas of the department of Madriz, and who have worked with Aldema on different projects in the field, would be the first to benefit from this product made from aloe, alcohol. pure with a volume of 70 degrees and vanilla, “this we are doing is to benefit those families who do not have the financial resources to buy a bottle of alcohol gel, which costs between 80 and up to 180 córdobas in pharmacies.”

THE PRESS / William Aragón

For her part, María Elena Martínez, a resident of the Las Cruces community in the municipality of Yalagüina, explained that the initiative to produce this product arose from groups of enterprising women from the countryside, “due to the growing presence of the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of resources economic in many homes to buy this product we saw the need to produce gel alcohol with the advice of experts from the body, “he said.

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Martínez explained that in order to produce about 11 liters of natural gel alcohol, about ten pounds of the substance extracted from the aloe plant, 600 milliliters of vanilla and 2 liters of alcohol are mixed, “this we elaborated with the support of four promoters and the groups rural youth and women ”.

THE PRESS / William Aragón

Santos Arnulfo Mejía Sánchez, in charge of the initiative to prepare gel alcohol by the association, this project seeks to supply free of charge to families in rural communities in various municipalities of the department of Madriz, “as well as empower women enterprising in the elaboration of this alcohol and that it is easy to obtain in the field, so that they in their communities teach other women to produce this product, ”she said.

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He explained that “we have already produced about 70 liters and we hope to distribute them where they are most needed. We will be marketing another part at low prices in order to support the project with the purchase of plastic packaging and vanilla and alcohol.”

THE PRESS / William Aragón

Vanilla is added to the product to give a pleasant taste to the alcohol gel, which is made in a small artisan workshop in the city of Somoto, head of the department of Madriz.

Gómez explained that the product made by rural women with the support of Aldema is safe and effective, “the healing properties of aloe vein are proven in the treatment of hair, skin burns and to treat wrinkles and other problems on the face, mainly it is used by women for the treatment of the face ”, he pointed out.