Black Shark designs thumb condoms that for only € 3.50 will allow you to raise your level of Fortnite, PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile to unsuspected levels

It is already official that you will not be able to play Stadia if you have an iPhone, but be careful because on Android you will still be able enjoy high-quality games like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Mobile almost like a ‘Pro’ thanks to gaming mobiles and these accessories.

And yes, the signature Black shark, Xiaomi’s business partner in the mobile video game sector, has just presented something like a thumb condom that promises to raise your Fortine or COD: Mobile level to unsuspected levels, improving touch and precision when playing.

Play longer and better with Black Shark’s new superconducting thumb gloves

Its trade name is E-Sport Finger Sleeve And that’s how Xiaomi Addicts presented them to us, so the ideal thing will be to talk about precision gloves specifically designed to play on touch screens.

In fact, it is that not only promise to improve the experience in first-person shooters titles like PUBG, Fortnite or Call of Duty, but in any other video game that has touch interfaces, as they improve conductivity and touch, eliminating problems caused by grease on our fingers at a stroke.

With mobile gaming advancing by leaps and bounds and touchscreens as interfaces, it was logical that these accessories would appear sooner or later avoiding grease stains and improving conductivity to raise our level in Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty and the rest of the titles quality that we already enjoy in ANdroid

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So are the new Black Shark E-Sports Finger Sleeves

These thumb gloves are made of a combination of materials which includes cotton for breathability, carbon fiber and ultra-thin spandex, with only 0.25 millimeters thick and highly conductive fibers that promise to raise the level of precision exponentially.

They say from Black Shark that they have been developed through 12 different technological processes and after testing 18 stitching methods, achieving covers without folds and without visible seams that can affect the touch or worsen the experience when pressing on the touch screen.

Being so fine they ensure that the haptic response received by our fingers is the same as if we were to pulse directly without gloves, but in this case speed and precision of finger movement is improved by removing fat from the equation and avoiding temperature shock.

The curious ‘packaging’, almost like condoms

The new ones Black Shark E-Sports Finger Sleeves are now available and join the huge catalog of mobile gaming accessories of the Chinese manufacturer, with a price of about 3.50 euros at the current exchange rate and presented in individual packages that may well look like condoms.

For now they are sold only in China, but they will surely go from there to the official Black Shark stores on the Internet and will also be available very soon in importers such as AliExpress or Gearbest. In Amazon in fact, there is already something very similar:

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