They kept the money, Laura Zapata accuses her sisters

They kept the money, Laura Zapata accuses her sisters | .

The famous actress from Mexican soap operas, Laura Zapata exploded with great anger against her sisters, assuring that she is not afraid of reprisals and that she will not remain neutral in the situation she is experiencing.

The recognized villain of the TV exploded against her sisters Gabriela Y Ernestina Sodi , the last mother store of Camila Sodi, after remembering that they kept Dona’s money Eva mange.

Since the actress has been taking care of her Grandma due to her health complications, the soap opera villain made her statements against the relatives from Thalia, especially with Gabriela who was back in politics in the recent elections held in Mexico.

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“He stole money from my grandmother, so the thieves, I remember they got this out of ‘call the thief a thief’ … or how do I say? Is it a person who stole? … no,” Laura expressed very annoyed Zapata upon hearing his sister’s name.

For these reasons, the actress who is already more than 64 years old said that her grandmother asked Tony Mottola’s wife for help to recover the money she obtained from the sale of her apartment, something that she never received and expressed to the media.

“My grandmother told her ‘I am very sorry that Laurita is the only one who is contributing money, I need my money for my medications.’ Thalía organizes all her sisters, so they decide, as my grandmother sells the apartment for 125 thousand pesos, then they decide that there are 125 thousand pesos to give to my grandmother. You have to ask the little department how much it costs right now ”.

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In addition, Laura also recounted the way in which Gabriela and Ernestina kept Doña Eva’s money: “My grandmother worked 30 years in the government and they took money from her thin check to pay for the apartment, she sold it, gave her the money to my mother, so that money remained in the hereditary estate and disappeared, they distributed it to them, the only one who returned money was Thalía ”.

Finally, she was asked if she is not afraid of retaliation from her sisters, to which Laura Zapata replied that she is no longer scared by anyone who even had negotiations and contacts with her kidnappers besides that “the truth will always be the truth” .

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