They invite Jesús “Tecatito” Corona to America

One of the most prominent Mexican players in soccer in Europe is Jesús “Tecatito” Corona who confessed that he has been invited to retire in America when he returns to Liga MX.

« In fact, he sometimes tells me, when you go back to Mexico, let’s go to America, » said Corona who thus boasts of the good friendship he has with Argentine jumper Agustín Marchesi.

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Interview with Fox Sports in the face of the duel he will hold this Wednesday against Juventus in the Champions League, the Mexican player stressed that it is very important.

« It’s a team. We all know who Ronaldo is. We have to do our best, be compact, solid and very aggressive. You have to show the character, the courage that characterizes Porto. We must have a winning mentality ”, explained Tecatito.

He added that: « We hope to do the best we can, we dream of these scenarios for the knockout stages of the Champions League, we hope to achieve a good result tomorrow. »

Finally, the Mexican World Cup player thanked Alex Sandro for the compliments, who described him as a « world-class player. »

« I’m happy with Alex Sandro’s statement but I have to prove it tomorrow, » Corona said.

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