They investigate a possible sexual assault at an illegal party with participants of ‘The island of temptations’

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, every week we hear how the State Security Forces and Corps have to evacuate illegal parties, events in which sanitary measures and recommendations are not followed. Precisely, the Civil Guard of Tres Cantos (Madrid) is investigating an alleged multiple sexual assault on a young woman in a chalet in the town of Colmenarejo during an event; party in which there were several characters from ‘The island of temptations’, although they would not be among the suspects.

Room from ‘The Island of Temptations’

The events occurred on the night of Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 February, but it is necessary to go back a few hours to know how everything happened. The complainant received an invitation to attend the event on Instagram and, when she decided to attend, The party began in the afternoon in a place located in Madrid’s Arce streetIn fact, it was there that he met several participants from ‘The Island of Temptations’. Hours later, they left the place to head to the chalet where, according to the young woman’s version, They even drugged her and forced her to have sex with « five or six » boys.

As reported by El Mundo, the person who rented the chalet has already been identified and could be related to the reality show. The owner of the house was informed that an event related to a high-end car was going to be organized, which would be attended by a dozen people, in the words of the tenant. However, the security camera system revealed that « this was not an event, not even a party. It was an orgy« According to sources in the investigation. » It was like Sodom and Gomorrah. Without masks and doing everything « , say the same professionals.

The young woman did not report before out of shame

The complainant only remembers having had a drink and, later, having had « sexual relations against their will ». In addition, when he made the decision to report these events, he affirmed that he did not do so at the time the Civil Guard vacated the party because He was « ashamed to tell it » and decided to leave the place on his own foot.