They invent a robot that uses all its senses to find objects that are hidden or lost | Technology

Scientists have managed to manufacture a robotic arm that thanks to radio waves is capable of locating objects that are well hidden.

If you thought that you could hide certain objects from machines so that they will never be located, you are probably making a mistake, because thanks to an advance in innovation, a robot has been manufactured that makes use of radio frequency to be able to locate objects that are out of reach.

The world of robotics takes a step forward by creating robots “with a superhuman perception”, at least that is what the associate professor calls it Fadel adib from MIT. The robot, by name RF-Grasp, is able to use his senses, specifically radio waves that can pass through walls, to find hidden objects. To this radio frequency is added the traditional computer vision that helps this technological advance to find and also collect objects that are hidden.

One of the main uses that could be given to this robot would be warehouses, especially in electronic commerce, since it could very quickly find the order that the customer has made without the need for any human intervention.

It should not surprise us that it is capable of doing this, given that radio frequency (RF) identification has been used for some time in different tasks such as locating a lost dog that has an implanted chip or to find books in the library.

The RF-Grasp robot uses a camera and radio frequency reader to locate and then grasp an object. To do this, he uses his robotic arm and a camera that is placed just above the robot’s wrist. On the other hand, the radio frequency reader is separate and is capable of transmitting the tracking information to the robot’s algorithm.

In addition to helping in the world of electronic commerce, they also want to sell it to the final consumer, since they consider that their robotic arm could find objects that we do not know where exactly are in our house, such as keys.