They install the first roundabout in a rural area of ​​the USA and with it comes absolute chaos | Motor

What for Europeans is something as common as a roundabout, for American drivers it seems to be chaotic. This video shows that they are not very used to it.

Spanish roads are full of roundabouts, they are a very common element in European traffic and in Spain we are experts in decorating them with the most bizarre sculptures, but this distribution system at an intersection is not so common in other countries.

A Reddit user has shared a curious video in which you can see how a roundabout turns into absolute chaos. “They set up a roundabout near my hometown in rural eastern Kentucky,” he explains. EVOSexyBeast on the social network, and adds: “Here is an example of how NOT to use a roundabout.”

In the video, the cars each choose a different direction, as if it were a maze in which to find the exit. It is surprising to see how no accident occurs, although there is some retention when several cars are facing each other trying to take different directions.

“We are looking for a way to reduce the severity of crashes that this intersection has a history of,” he said. Allen Blair from the Kentucky Department of Transportation to the local WYMT network earlier this month. The city has tried with flashing lights, stop signs and other control devices without good results, so they have decided to try a roundabout.

As explained in Newsweek, the citizens of the town are not very happy with the decision, they consider it unnecessary and a waste of money. They believe that a traffic light system would be enough. In addition, some are of the opinion that large vehicles will find it difficult to maneuver in this “new design”.

Roundabouts are more common in other areas of the United States, but apparently not in this region, hence the problems when it comes to driving through it. Even so, we Europeans cannot laugh too loud either, the General Directorate of Traffic in Spain is forced to remind from time to time what is the correct use of roundabouts, because despite the time they have been on our roads, Spanish drivers continue making very serious mistakes.

Those who are already circulating on it have priority To exit, always in the outer lane Signal any lane change

These are the three basic rules that have not been respected in the previous video, in addition to driving on the right (if you are not in England) and that we must not forget when we get behind the wheel. Roundabouts, if circulated following traffic regulations, increase the safety of intersections and reduce congestion in those areas.