“They insist on dressing her as a girl”: Adamari López’s new little green dress generates controversy and division

The fans are happy for the drastic change that the image of Adamari López has undergone. But they insist that they do not agree that they make her wear little dresses that, according to social networks, seem more like a girl than a 50-year-old woman. They agree that the Puerto Rican now seems to be 20 years old, and that is Adamari has managed to find the secret of eternal youth. But this is not why they allow or like to see her with clothes that according to them would look better in Alaïa.

“Why do they insist on dressing her as a girl”, asked a fan of the Hoy Día program on Instagram when they saw Adamari with this green flowered dress; cut out at the waist, flying over the knees and tight on the belly.

Many insist that they are not dressing her properly: “What ugly dresses they put on her, she’s 50 not 15”. While others assert that this is how a 20-year-old looks like: “How cute Adamaris you look like 20 years old It is good that you have recovered, it shows that you are now very well, I congratulate you ”. And so there are more who insist that the dress is beautiful, that it is, and that she looks divine: “I love that dress, you look very tropical.”

And it should be noted that this design is very appropriate for the time of year and to experience the climate of Miami, which is where the Telemundo host lives.

In the midst of all this drama for her clothing, there are messages from followers who insist that she recovers the family that she has managed to form with Toni Costa, the father of her only daughter: “Blessings, get your husband back, I’m your fans.”

But there are others who consider that this dress fits her much better than the purple suit she wore to the program yesterday: “That suit is very nice on you”, which he did not like at all because they considered that the pants did not fit him well and did not favor his new figure at all.

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