they hope to earn $ 50 million

In Argentina, more than nine million people rent apartments. The horizontal property regime establishes that, if they appear in the deed, the storage rooms can be their own spaces, unlike common spaces such as the entrance hall, elevators and the pool, for example. For tenants, it is essential to have a place to store objects. Faced with the problem, two Argentines founded in 2019 a company aimed at solving lack of space in buildings. Is about Space Guru, a circular economy startup.

After a series of ventures abroad, Felipe Herrera (41) and Livia Armani (38) they returned to Argentina to start from scratch. They were partners (and they are, too, a couple) in an e-commerce company that sells remnants of branded products Premium to avoid its discard. Space Guru was born from this latest experience with an initial investment of US $ 1 million.

Livia Armani, founder of Space Guru.

On his startup trigger, Herrera’s father spent money on a chainsaw and used it only once. « It was saved to go to a room, » Armani recalls. « We all have things that we don’t use or that we only use once. What if instead of buying so much and accumulating, we could not only clear the spaces, but also take advantage of it to rent or sell what we do not use to other people?« , bill.

How to access Space Guru

Is a application mobile that allows users to rent spaces temporarily. The business model is based on Clients hire and pay only for the space their things take up. « We price by volume. You don’t pay for idle space in a cage. », explains the founder.

A curious aspect of your business is that they photograph the objects and design an online catalog so that « customers do not forget what they keep ». In addition, they offer transport and packaging services. In 2021, they estimate a turnover of $ 50 million.

First, the mobile app must be downloaded from the iOS and Android app store or you can enter through the website by clicking on this link. The users they can calculate the space they need to store their things, using an interactive quote tool that asks for meters or items to save.

The logistics of the company is self-developed, as is the application. « We have a new warehouse of 5,000 square meters. We are prepared to receive all the volume that we project for this 2021. Our most important objective is international expansion « , Armani anticipates. Currently, 20 people work in the startup.

Space Guru logistics space.

« We feel very comfortable in undertaking here. Argentina is for us a kind of laboratory where we were able to do experiments and really understand how everything works, to be able to scale later in other regions of the world, « says Armani.

The ultimate goal of Space Guru is « promote the circular economy in large cities, reducing environmental impact and excessive consumption ». Armani devoted his academic career to studying the practices of urban logistics and sustainable development. He studied at La Sorbonne University Paris and has a master’s degree in logistics project management from Assas University in Paris.

Entrepreneurs are part of the net Endeavor, which allowed them to never stop undertaking. « Now I can affirm, having lived in other countries, that Argentina is the country of entrepreneurship and I encourage everyone one day to dare to work in a startup or start their own adventure « , motivates Armani.