they hope to close a quick agreement with the unions

At the first meeting of the national peer teacher, the national unions of the sector today they asked for a salary increase « higher than 30% » and next week there will be a new meeting to try to reach an agreement.

The request of the teachers’ guilds is close to the 29% wage guideline promoted by the Casa Rosada, so it is expected that the signing of the joint venture will not take too long.

In fact, shortly before the meeting, the referents of CTERA, the majority union of national teachers, maintained a meeting at Casa Rosada with the president Alberto Fernandez, in a photo that was interpreted as a favorable gesture by the main union to the expectations of the wage demand established by the Government.

The image was released by the Presidency minutes before the start of the joint meeting and the president is observed there sharing a table with the head of the CTA from the workers, Hugo yasky; the secretary general of CTERA, Sonia Alesso, and the assistant secretary of CTERA and leader of the Suteba, Roberto Baradel.

« They have raised a salary increase of more than 30 percent. We we are going to make a proposal according to the needs of the teachers. We listen to the proposal and a negotiation process is opened, « said the Minister of Education, Nicolas Trotta, in statements to the press at the end of the meeting.

The minister coordinated the virtual meeting from the Sarmiento Palace, headquarters of the educational portfolio, and trade unionists from CTERA, SADOP (private teachers), the Argentine Confederation of Education (CEA), the Argentine Teachers Union (UDA) and the Association of Teachers participated. of Technical Education (AMET).

Joint teacher 2021

« Our commitment is to beat inflation (with the salary proposal for teachers). In turn, there is not only the starting salary for all teachers in Argentina, for example the teacher incentive was doubled in 2020 with a great effort from the national government. We will continue talking in the next few days to reach an agreement. We recognize the enormous commitment in the context of the pandemic and in the safe return of classes, « added the Minister of Education.

It’s not discarded that can be reached at the next meeting on salary agreementl, which might contain some kind of review clause, since although the Casa Rosada promotes a wage guideline of 29% in line with the inflation estimated by the 2021 Budget in that same figure, the truth is that private estimates project a higher increase.