When it seemed that the waters had returned to their channel, a new setback hit Alfonso Merlos. The lawyer, who has spent some of the most troubled months after breaking his relationship with Marta Lopez after catching this one with Alexia Rivas while participating in a YouTube program. He then left his job on television to keep his position as communication director of the Madrid Bar Association.

After a few months of confinement that have been very complicated for them by the media harassment and despite the interventions on television by Marta López talking about his ex and his new girlfriend, Alexia and Alfonso have consolidated their relationship and seem most in love the one from another.

But when peace seemed to finally settle in their lives, the journalist and the Murcian were forced to face a very unpleasant situation and that is that they have been robbed in their own home.

Without wanting to give details of what exactly has happened, Merlos went to the Bar Association to carry out some pending tasks. After several hours inside, Merlos came out very aware of his mobile phone and carrying various documents and newspapers, and it is that, most seriously, he tried to hide his face with a mask and sunglasses.

Although the television talk show did not want to give details of the robbery, Alexia did comment on what happened through social networks: « They are not very valuable things, but they have stolen my favorite sunglasses, all the purchases we had made. Luckily I had my mobile and other valuable things with me. »