“They have proposed it to me from different ideologies”

Toñi Moreno is no gap in general television after Mediaset España decided to separate it from ‘Women and men and vice versa’ to place Jesús Vázquez at the forefront of the new stage. The presenter is waiting to receive a new professional challenge, although in an area away from the small screen, he has received several calls.

Toñi Moreno presenting ‘Viva la vida’

The one who was the presenter of ‘Viva la vida’ has assured that I could have made the leap into politics if he had wanted, since he has been offered on several occasions to join different political parties. « I must be quite confusing because They have proposed it to me from different ideologies« He revealed in an interview with Diez Minutos. » It makes me laugh because I don’t know the image I give for two different parties to propose it to me. « 

Moreno has assured that, although he likes to talk about politics in his privacy, he does not see himself doing that job. It’s more, prefers not to side with any party. However, he did take the opportunity to tell what he would say to Pedro Sánchez if he had the opportunity: « I would tell him that this is not the time to think about anything other than this country and that politicians are giving us a dire example« .

What would she do if she were in charge of the government?

The presenter has criticized that many politicians only « think about getting one more vote or that the storm passes to see how they can be saved », something that « seems incredible. » That is why, if he were at the head of the Government, would form a « real » panel of experts: « Let them say what measures must be taken and where to invest the money that comes from Europe. »