“They have offered me 10,000 euros to suck it off”

Cristian Suescun’s professional career has taken off in style in the adult audiovisual industry. After having participated in two realities followed by Telecinco, ‘Survivientes 2020’ and the first edition of ‘La casa fuerte’, Sofía Suescun’s brother created an OnlyFans account where little by little he has been making a dent and is beginning to be very successful. Turned into a professional seduction, the ex-survivor has visited the set of ‘Saturday deluxe’ to tell how is your experience in the social network and has also made a small advance to some of the collaborators of his most intimate parts.

Cristian Suescun on the set of ‘Saturday deluxe’

Maite Galdeano’s son sat as a guest of the program on November 28, really proud of what he was achieving with the adult application, where he earns 6,000 euros per month thanks to subscriptions. Before the interview, Víctor Sandoval had the pleasure of seeing with his own eyes the virile member of Cristian Suescun in the halls of Telecinco, an exclusive that only premium followers can enjoy on his OnlyFans account: « It is very big. He showed it to me out there and I was left dead », has recognized the collaborator.

Despite the success he is having on the social network, Suescun is ambitious and wants to go a step further, as he has assured that he is trying to open up to the world of adult cinema. Although in the previous interview he refused to give the name of who he would be talking to to get started in this genre, the editor guessed that it was Apolonia Lapiedra, a true star of this type of film. The former contestant of ‘The strong house’ has no limits, something that he already demonstrated as soon as he began his career in the social network, as he tried to convince Mari Cielo Pajares to be his partner in this type of project.

The proposals that Cristian Suescun has received

During his interview on ‘Sábado deluxe’, Cristian Suescun has stated that, apart from the salary that is pocketed per month, he has also received succulent offers from different clients: « They have offered me up to 10,000 euros to suck it off », the guest has given as an example by a proposition made by a man. Although in that case an agreement was not finally reached, the son of Maite Galdeano has assured that he does not close to anything. Despite the fact that the ex-survivor has denied having had a homosexual relationship before, Sandoval has dropped that this had already happened but without receiving money.

Your plans for the future

Cristian Suescun has affirmed that both his mother, Maite Galdeano, and his sister, Sofía Suescun, strongly support him in his projects and are really happy for the success obtained in the social network. However, although in the short term the future plans of the ex-survivor are related to adult cinema, Suescun confesses that Your new career adventure is aimed at one main purpose: raise money and become a pilot.